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The Little Mouse Preschool offers multiple classrooms to accommodate your child's ever growing needs. 

Please see below to learn a little bit about

the types of programs we offer. â€‹

4 year old program:

3 year old program:

 The 3 year old program focuses on introducing  students to the preschool â€‹experience and offers the  opportunity to socialize and learn to work with  others. In this program, children will learn the  alphabet with a different letter representing each  week. There will be activities, story time and art  each day that will accompany the alphabet learning  process.


 The 4 year old program focuses on preparing  students for the next level of schooling,  kindergarten. This program offers built in smart  board learning. The room comes alive with learning  centers, art, calendar time, and music; all taught in

 a bright and fun environment by an experienced  preschool teacher. 


 We also offer an afternoon ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS.  These programs are specifically in place to better

 prepare students for kindergarten. This class will

 cover many different subjects from life skills  (tying

 their shoes, to buttoning and zipping their coats) to  kindergarten placement requirements. This program  also expands on math and language skills developed  in the preschool curriculum along with writing and  basic computer skills. This class will be taught at a  pace that each student can follow and allow them to  grow and gain self-esteem.