The 3 year old program focuses on introducing students to the preschool ​experience and offers the opportunity to socialize and learn to work with others. In this program, children will learn the alphabet with a different letter representing each week. There will be activities, story time and art each day that will accompany the alphabet learning process.​​

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​​The pre-k classroom provides a comfortable, safe, and happy learning environment where children are introduced and taught basic math, literacy, and writing skills.  We begin each day by singing and dancing, as this is a fun way to set the tone for the day's adventures...and helps the children get their wiggles out!  The rest of the morning consists of practicing fine motor skills, completing activities on the smart board, library time, and math/literacy activities.  We also gather on our ABC rug for calendar time, which is where we collectively figure out the date, sing the days of the week, assign teacher helpers, and discuss the weather.  After we have completed all these academic activities, we have a snack and then make an art project (or conduct a science experiment.) 

Next on the agenda...recess and lunch hour! The afternoon is much more individual based, as we work one-on-one with the children twice every afternoon.  While the kids are waiting their turn to work with me, they have the option of participating in imaginative play, board games, puzzles, building with blocks, or art.  We do meet as a group in the afternoon to learn sight words, addition, opposites, rhyming, and sequencing.  We also have an afternoon snack,  followed by recess to complete the day.   Our daily routine truly helps pave the way for success, as many children rely on consistency to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically!

3 year old program:

Pre-K program:

The Little Mouse Preschool offers multiple classrooms to accommodate your child's ever growing needs. 

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