Part-Time Staff:

Brianna Webb-Kamelesky: Classroom Aide

​Brianna graduated from the Sylvania Northview early childhood education program in 2017, she is in the process of pursuing her bachelor’s in early childhood education K-2


Carolynn Oblizajek: Marketing Specialist

Ami grew up and currently still resides in Sylvania with her husband and two daughters.  She graduated from the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in Education (Elementary and Early Childhood Education).  Ami currently holds a license from the State of Ohio to teach K - 8th grade.  

Along with Ami’s education and experience from raising her own children, teaching at Stepping Stones (Sylvania) and the Franciscan Academy.

Ami has an overall passion for children’s early development. She is experienced and well prepared to provide the skills needed before kindergarten.
Tina is the proud mother of 2 boys and currently resides in Sylvania with her husband of 20 years. Tina has worked in the childcare field for over 25 years. Prior to opening The Little Mouse Preschool, Tina had been at the Franciscan Academy of Lourdes University in the preschool department. 
During her time at the Franciscan Academy, Tina created a program to help balance a preschooler’s day, offering education, socialization and play-based learning. This program became very successful at the Academy. Tina also successfully developed and ran a summer camp program at the Academy. 

Alongside with her experience in childcare, Tina has a marketing and education degree, specializing in early childhood.

Tina Haack - Director/Teacher

Ami Sabin - Teacher

​​​​Brittany Rork - Teacher

Brittany graduated from the Sylvania Northview early childhood education program in 2011. She graduated from Lourdes University with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education in 2015.

"From the first day our daughter started​ preschool, my husband and I had concerns if Alayna was ready and would be prepared enough for kindergarten next year. Kevin and I felt that Tina Haack truly cared about our daughter's education and helped ease our mind and concerns. It was a huge relief to know that Tina saw the progressions in what Alayna needed to learn and felt confident that Alayna will be successful next year. We are very proud parents to have such a remarkable teacher as Tina Haack. We highly recommend Tina, she is a great teacher."    - Angel & Kevin Esplin

"I have seen Tina Haack's genuine love, care and interest in working with children. As an early learning, camp director and extended care teacher, Tina creates activities and lessons that are instructive and geared toward kindergarten readiness, but at the same time, play-based.  Her attentiveness to each child shows her compassion and sensitivity to each child's needs. In the 3 year old class, my daughter's favorite lessons have been the "letter of the week" - each week the lessons revolve around one letter from the alphabet. My daughter was always excited to find out which letter they would study next.

As a parent, Tina makes me feel very comfortable and welcomed. She has impeccable communication skills and is very tactful if there is a problem or issue that needs to be addressed regarding a child. Likewise, she is just as warm and friendly with parents as she is with the children. I have observed her at open houses, preschool events and other school functions where she constantly interacts with parents in a cordial manner. I have always felt at ease asking Tina questions or coming to here if there is an issue. Tina Haack is a phenomenal teacher and mentor who takes great pride in her work. Her genuine love for children and education is evident. I highly recommend Tina."     - Amy Kasprzak


Brandi Holliker - Teacher

"My daughter is doing very well in kindergarten and is academically preforming at the top of her class. She is beyond the kindergarten curriculum and is doing first grade math, reading, writing and other work. The Little Mouse Preschool was a great experience for her."    - Sara W. 

"My daughter still brings up her teachers and Little Mouse on a daily basis. She was so well-prepared for kindergarten this year. Thank you for being such a positive light in our lives! You have a wonderful program with great teachers!"   - Renee Maley

"Ami Sabin is a caring and devoted teacher who clearly loves her job and it is evident to anyone who enters her classroom.  She is creative, energetic and fun for the children to be around.  Ami has a wonderful rapport with children and has the ability to connect with her students.  These skills allow her to inspire her students, bringing out the best in each of them.  She truly makes learning fun! Ami’s ability to manage her classroom is a unique quality.  It is impressive to see how she can transform a room full of overexcited pre-school children into quiet, attentive, respectful listeners.  The children in her class love to be at school and you can feel the positive energy in her classroom. Ami manages her classroom with an appropriate amount of structure but allows children to explore their individuality within the context of the established curriculum.
I can’t say enough about Ami’s communication skills.  She regularly sends home newsletters with pertinent information about themes, skills the children are working on and any other important information.  In addition Ami greets parents and children at the door every morning with a smile.  As a parent it was hard to leave my children for the first time however, Ami has a true ability to put parents and children at ease because she genuinely cares and it is evident." - Gina & Ray Rachko

Brandi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baldwin-Wallace College in 2011 and has been employed as a preschool teacher since January 2012.

Preschoolers are by far her favorite age group to teach. Watching her students explore, grow and thrive on a day to day basis is a wonderful experience and she is happy to be teaching at The Little Mouse Preschool.

After attending The Little Mouse Preschool, our daughter was very well prepared to

begin kindergarten. During her kindergarten testing, her future kindergarten teacher

was very impressed with our daughters work and even asked questions beyond the

kindergarten curriculum. Our daughter answered all the questions correctly! So thank

you Mrs. Tina and Miss Brandi! The Little Mouse Preschool truly was a great place to

start our daughter's education!     - Mike & Kaycee Buck